Safe ID Card Systems, Inc.

About Our Product:

The owners of Safe ID Card Systems, Inc. have extensive Emergency Services background as Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians, Emergency Management and Instructors. Our diverse experience in the emergency services field have made us extremely knowledgeable in the needs of the industry and the many applicable uses of having safe secure quality identification cards and accountability systems unique to each customer’s needs. Our ongoing training within the emergency services fields ensure to keep us up to date with all the new local and national standards of the industry.

The world has changed and the need for a safe and secure environment is now a part of our everyday lives. We are devoted to ensuring that you have every available means to identify and protect your employees, members, family, and friends. Our commitment is to you the customer. Our mission is to ensure the highest level of customer service possible and deliver a quality product at an affordable price. Our high quality Identification Cards and Accountability Tags are custom designed to whatever specifications you need.

We utilize the PDF-417 barcode system. What is a PDF-417 barcode?
It represents a Portable Data File - which is a high capacity bar code that can hold 1800 characters of vital information about the cardholder. The PDF-417 has been adopted by the 50 Secretaries of State for use on Drivers Licenses and is deployed on Military and FEMA cards. Any 2 dimensional bar code reader can read the PDF-417 bar code. There are free Apps available for all Apple© and Android© devices that can read the bar codes. Vital information such as Emergency Contact information, Pertinent Medical information, Specific Qualifications or any information you want to include can be programmed into the bar code.

The owners of Safe ID Card Systems, Inc. will meet with your organization to discuss your custom identification card or accountability tag needs without any obligation to you. No job is too big or too small.