Safe ID Card Systems, Inc.

    Since 2004 Safe ID Card Systems, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of Custom Designed Identification Cards and Accountability Tags for the Law Enforcement, Municipal and Emergency Services community in New Jersey.

The world has changed and the need for a safe and secure environment
is now a part of our everyday lives.

Our cards can be custom designed to your agency’s specifications, or you can choose one of our existing ID Card designs and add your logo or patch to reflect your organization. Our custom ID Cards and accountability tags have clear color digital pictures, signature capture of the card holder and issuing authority and fingerprint. We include descriptive information of the card holder that can be cross verified to their driver’s license. We also utilize a holographic overlay that is adhered onto the card during the print process and ensures that the ID cards and accountability tags are tamper resistant.

All client information is confidential and kept in our secure and encrypted database for future retrieval. All work from design to production is done in house and nothing is outsourced. We are not an internet company that could give out your information and you don't know where it will end up going. All this for a fraction of the cost of buying and maintaining your own equipment and supplies. Our team's #1 priority is customer service as well as ensuring your project meets our high standards of excellence.

Some of the practical uses for our product include but, are not limited to the following:
Police Departments / Municipal Employees
Fire Departments / Office of Emergency Management
Accountability Tags / Medical Reserve Corp MRC
EMS Agencies / Small Business Identification
CERT Identification / Equipment Tags
School Identification / Resident Identification
Day Care Centers / Picture Identification
Child Identification / Medical Alert Cards

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